Model M3 Standard Slip Ring
Conductor Poles 3
Current (Amper) 30A/pole
Voltage 250Vac/Vdc
Operating Temperature -30°C to 60°C
Maximum RPM 1200 rpm.
Frequency Capability 200 MHz, Maximum
Insulation Resistance >25 Mohm
Rotating Torque 400 gm-cm

M3 Model’s Drawing:

MLTECH M3 Model's Drawing

Protective Cover Connection Terminals
M3-PC Protective Cover M3 Connection Terminals

Vertical Horizontal
  • The up arrow should not point below horizontal.
  • Do not solder to or bend connector tabs
  • Avoid lateral forces and mechanical loads (overly stiff or tight
  • Do not rigid mount both ends of connector
  • Limit mounting eccentricity
  • Provide overload protection within the circuit
  • Avoid vibration and bumping motions