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Since the establishment of MLTECH, we have distributed slip ring products (electrical rotating connectors) all around the world. To fulfill the needs of the rapidly expanding global technology market, our non-mercury (gallium alloy liquid metal) slip ring products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Being on the cutting edge of the era of technology, our distribution maintains to bring our valued clients the newest and most efficient products. We are committed to providing our professional skills, quality services, and customizable products, as well as consistently upgrading product excellence.  We are able to accommodate our clients’ needs and customize products to their liking.

Our work is our highest priority for achieving our high-quality service and at the same time customer satisfaction-oriented work goals. In order to be a pioneer in our field, our main principle is to fulfill our commitments in time and in the best quality, to develop our technical knowledge and know-how continuously in parallel with technological developments, and to overcome difficult projects that require expertise.

MLTECH Rotary Electrical Connectors

The MLTECH rotating electrical connectors are using special insulation, sealing, and conductive technologies. The out-case material is aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

MLTECH Rotary Electrical Connectors operate on a superior principle. They offer an extremely low resistance electrical connection because the electrical conduction path is a liquid metal that is molecularly bonded to the contacts. The connection is constant and unchanged for the life of the rotary electrical connector. Brush slip rings are usually composed of a rotating metal ring upon which a graphite or metal brush rubs and transfers the electrical signal or current. Brush slip rings are technically simple in operation; this rubbing interface is fraught with problems that include wearing, high electrical resistance, oxidation, and resistance fluctuations that cause electrical noise.

MLTECH connectors produce near-zero electrical noise due to their unique design. Its resistance through the rotating contact is less than one milliohm, which is much lower than the resistance of a slip ring. Its connectors do not decrease the signal over time, which does happen with slip rings. Its other benefit is that it is maintenance-free as compared to regular slip rings. Its cost is also cheaper if you compare it with other products in its field. It can send both current power and instrumentation signals through a single connector. Unlike conventional brushed slip rings which rely on metal on metal contacts and are limited by RPM, electrically noisy, and require adjustment and maintenance for proper operation.

All MLTECH slip rings are brushless, functioning through a molecularly bonded viscous metal film that remains unaffected by speed, provides clean and noise-free electrical signals, and requires zero maintenance.

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