ML-TECH Products Groups

MLTECH brushless slip ring (rotary electrical connectors) is a type of slip ring that contains liquid metal to transmit electrical power and signals. It needs no maintenance and can be used for high-speed rotation for a long time. MLTECH products can carry very sensitive signals like sensors, thermocouples, strain gauges, bus signals (Canbus, Profibus, Ethernet, etc.). Due to these metal fluids used, friction is neglected and extremely long life compared to conventional brush-ring products.


Standard Models


Picture Channels Current (Amp) Voltage

Rotational Speed



2x 4A 250V

2000 rpm

M3S 3 3x 4A 250V 1800 rpm
M2 2 2x 30A 250V 1800 rpm
M3 3 3x 30A 250V 1200 rpm
M4 4 2x 4A @ 2x 30A 250V 1200 rpm
M6 6 2x 4A @ 4x 30A 250V 300 rpm
M8 8 2x 4A @ 6x 30A 250V 200 rpm


Model Picture Description Suitable Models
M2S-SP Easy Mounting Receptacles For M2S and M2S-NM
M2S-MP Easy Mounting Cap For M2S and M2S-NM
M3-MP Easy Mounting Receptacles For M3S and M3S-NM
M3-SP Easy Mounting Cap For M3S and M3S-NM
M2-PC Protective Cover for IP51 For M2
M3-PC Protective Cover for IP51 For M3
M4-PC Protective Cover for IP51 For M4